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Surrender Your Love Teaser #1


A penetrating ringing noise woke me up too soon. I groaned and covered my ears with my pillow, silently begging whoever was making such ungodly noise to shut it. It took me a moment to realize it was my alarm clock. I rolled on my side and knocked it over in the process. A male voice let out an amused snort. I jumped up, instantly awake. My gaze settled on the guy on the left side of my bed and I felt the telltale heat of a major blush rushing to my face. He was propped up on one elbow, one arm tucked beneath his head, his chiseled chest with dark hair trailing down his flat abdomen on full display. The sheet covering his modesty left nothing to the imagination. In fact, it only managed to stir an unwelcome pull between my legs. Not only was he strikingly good looking, he was also well endowed. A heady yet dangerous combination in a man. My tongue flicked over my suddenly dry lips as I pried my gaze away from the bulge that was evident beneath the thin sheet.

What was he doing in my bed? And why was he naked?

What do you think, stupid? It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Just look at his smug grin.

I peered at his face. In the bright morning light falling through the window he looked younger than last night but just as arrogant. His gorgeous lips curled into the most stunning smile I had ever seen. A panty-dropping smile, as Sylvie would have called it. I paled at the realization. Had I dropped my panties for him?

*End of Teaser*

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*NEW!* Facebook Teasers!

long week

Hey guys,

I had this idea of introducing a new event, “FACEBOOK TEASERS“, which will be held every time the page reaches a certain number of ‘likes’. So how does it work? To sweeten the working week with something to look forward to, I’ll be posting random excerpts from Surrender Your Love together with a pic of a hot guy.

*Mark your calendars, tablets, iPhones and the likes* The first teaser will be posted on Tuesday.

Since there’s a ton of teaser events out there I thought I might do things a little different and invite all my readers to leave a comment with either the name of the book you’re currently reading or a link to your own Hot Guy Tease blog post.

Happy Reading!

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Entering the four week rush

When I first started writing Surrender Your Love, it was quite an experience. I had tried my hand at writing a contemporary fiction story before but never quite with such a huge character in my mind.

*blush* Jett *swoon*

Even saying his name is like tasting chocolate and honey and whipped cream all at once. He’s not saccharine sweet; he’s a dangerous bad boy and the kind you want in your novel…and your bed. But unlike Brooke, who’s his love interest in Surrender Your Love, I want to share Jett with all you ladies, and gents, out there.

Some four more weeks to go and I’m already giddy with excitement. Until then tune in to find out why Jett’s the creme de la creme of hunks and bad boys.

Jessica x